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Saurabh Thakur

The last email @smallcase

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Hello guys 👋

The day has finally come to move on. Was feeling anxious about today for some days because smallcase was my first workplace as a professional and I have come a long way along with the company, so understandably the goodbye part is really hard.

I might won't do justice to what smallcase has provided me in the past couple of years with my words but I am grateful to the folks who put their confidence and trust in me for handling the responsibilities here at smallcase. I was a naive kid who came from college and knew nothing about how a company works and what it takes to work around the hurdles. Well some might say I am still a kid (and I cheerfully accept that 😁) but I have grown a lot as an individual human.

I got the opportunity to work on almost all of the products under the smallcase ecosystem and I can vouch for the great and successful future of smallcase, as a company, as a product and as a team.

Ironically the best moments for me were the P0 issues. The bonding spirit that I felt during the P0 bugs is unparalleled to any other experience. People working with high levels of concentration and coordination, taking each other's inputs and processing the task at hand with little to no sleep sometimes made this whole process a source of adrenaline and the sense of accomplishment when the issue is resolved was always on another level. And obviously Rohan's treat.

Moving ahead, we know and understand that a company is actually it's people. There are good people in this world and then there are great folks, and I am lucky to have encountered this greatness at smallcase.

Aditya taught me how to be compassionate and understanding.
Ankur taught me how to manage things and be patient even in the most stressful times.
Gaurav taught me that experience exhibits superiority.
Jatin taught me that work can be done without orders.
Ratan taught me how to work together.
Ravi taught me how to love the work you do.
Rohan taught me to think properly before speaking.
Tarun taught me how to be a better developer.
Umang taught me how to be reliable and helpful.

Fellow folks without whom this journey would have been "very different" include Adarsh, Anurag, Archit, Ashish, Bhargav, Chithra, Devyani, Harshit, Jai, Kashif, Pratik & Pratik, Rahul & Rahul, Soumya, Shivani, Subhrajyoti and Sumit.

And all of them together taught me that a workplace can be a fun and interesting place to be at.

Diwali 2019 at smallcase HQ Diwali 2019 at smallcase

Finally, I can't be thankful enough to each and every person who was a part of this journey because in a way or another you made me a better person. Everyone here is destined for great things that are waiting for them in their future. I hope I get to work again with these amazing minds and souls.

Stay safe! Take care of yourself and your loved ones so we meet at the other end of this pandemic really soon. 😇


Saurabh Thakur
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